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About Queen Bee

Not Your Grandfather's Hemp Oil

Not all hemp oil is created equal. All of our products are produced from the simplest natural ingredients for consistency & quality. Then we get out our science books and engineer the highest quality extracts and oils that you'll find anywhere.  We pride ourselves on partnerships with the growing Colorado hemp farming and manufacturing community to bring consistent, amazing CBD products to market.

About Queen Bee

Queen Bee Alchemy was founded in 2016 with a mission to bring the highest quality naturally derived botanical products to the people who need them.

The Lab Team are a group of artists who act like scientists, or scientists who live like artists. We put our souls into our work and hope you can feel the love when you use our stuff.

Kate Hatfield (head alchemist) is a passionate advocate for using nature's own best healing mechanisms to address physical needs and solve real problems. She creates her own essential oils, as well as terpene extractions, distillates, isolates and infusions.

Please Address all correspondence to :

Queen Bee Alchemy
2875 Speer Blvd LW07
Denver, CO 80211


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